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Written by Alan Campbell, “Labirintus” is produced by Fabrice Lambot of France’s Metaluna Prods., Lucy Mukerjee-Brown of Mukerjee-Brown Prods., Elizabeth Stanley of Elizabeth Stanley Pictures and Jean-Charles Levy of Forecast Pictures.Nick Quested and Pascal Degove, managing director of Goldcrest, will serve as executive producers for Goldcrest. IGNFF: And now you've traveled to Australia and elsewhere for this movie. It was my dad who took me out there originally; then my mother and my brother came and my dad left to go back to work, and he visited five or six times, which was really good; and he'd stay for a couple of weeks, then towards the end he just stayed for the rest of the time. There was a bit more which Jeremy and Jason were doing for postproduction things, and then they went to L. We arrived at the hotel and we got to see Jeremy [Sumpter] and his family, which was really, really good. And I did an audition with him and I was nervous about auditioning with him.

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LONDON — Mark Webber (“Green Room”), Rachel Hurd-Wood (“An American Haunting”) and Lorant Deutsch (“The Visitors: Bastille Day”) have signed on to star in chiller “Labirintus,” which is directed by “The Howling” and “Gremlins” helmer Joe Dante. “Labirintus” tells the story of a paranormal investigator (Webber), psychiatric researcher (Hurd-Wood) and engineer (Deutsch) who join forces to explore an abandoned subterranean Soviet research facility, hidden within the dark twisting catacombs beneath Buda Castle.This is your best source about the english actress Rachel Hurd-Wood, best known for her role in “Peter Pan”, “Dorian Gray”, “Profume: the Story of a Murderer”, “An American Haunting”, “Solomon Kane” & “Tomorrrow, When the War Begun”.He appears in one of her films, An American Haunting, as one of the guests in the Christmas party scene towards the beginning of the film.Rachel went to an open casting call for the role of Wendy in director P. Hogan’s 2003 feature film“I am thrilled to be filming a modern-day action film and to have the opportunity to work with Writer/Director Stuart Beattie and such an extraordinary Australian cast to bring one of my favourite characters from the book series to life.”: “We initially set up screen tests in Los Angeles and London because of all the Aussies over there.The excitement that generated lead us to seeing more great actors and the moment I saw Rachel’s screen test I knew our search for Corrie was over.”Welcome to your first European source for the Tomorrow Series written by John Marsden.

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