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The rapprochement allowed Putin to outmaneuver the Obama administration and turn the tide in Syria’s civil war on behalf of Bashar al-Assad. Thousands of people signed a petition calling for his removal after a rant in support of separatists in Ukraine in which he said, “kill, kill, kill.” The Kremlin, which gave the prolific polemicist prominent airtime on the biggest networks to cheerlead during the annexation of Crimea in 2014, has kept him at arm’s length since he criticised Putin for not taking more of Ukraine.

For Dugin, whose views on the evils of liberalism have been cited by Bannon and other far-right leaders, it also moved Russia a step closer to fulfilling his vision of unwinding the US-led global order, in part by luring Turkey away from NATO and creating a “Russo-Islamic pact” that includes Iran. When asked if Dugin played a role in the detente with Turkey, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said, “No.” “He’s seen as a brilliant philosopher, but brilliance and madness are very close to each other,” said Sergei Markov, a political consultant to Putin’s staff.

Some researchers have argued that the gneisses represent tectonic windows into the easterly extension of the Sahara Metacraton, remobilized during the Neoproterozoic East African orogeny (El-Gaby et al.

), whereas others have argued that these rocks represent the deeper, higher-grade crustal section of juvenile Neoproterozoic intra-oceanic island arc(s) or continental magmatic arc(s) developed along the eastern margin of the Sahara metacraton (Andresen et al. The most recent geochemical and isotopic data from the Central Eastern Desert (CED) support a juvenile Neoproterozoic origin and age for most even not all plutons and orthogneisses in the gneiss domes in this area (e.g. ) favoured a model involving refolding of sheath folds to explain the appearance of 5 or 6 subdomes in the area.

Alexander Dugin, whose bushy beard gives him a passing resemblance to the Siberian mystic who bewitched the last czar’s family, says he played a key but largely clandestine role in patching up Russia’s relations with Turkey, an account confirmed by a senior figure in Ankara.Dugin, the son of a Soviet military-intelligence official, said being independent makes him an effective go-between in matters of state. Even though Dugin’s not an official envoy, Markov said, “he appears to have given the Turks some very good advice.” Dugin made “everyone happy” by organizing a November visit to Crimea by a Turkish delegation that included one of Erdogan’s cousins, a few weeks after meeting Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Ankara, Markov said.The 55-year-old rabble-rouser, blacklisted by the US for aiding the insurgency in Ukraine, has no official post. The trip was a major fillip for Russia’s efforts to gain recognition for Putin’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula, which provoked US and European sanctions.The agreement not only relates to distribution but also includes joint development of highly innovative products for agriculture and animal husbandry.By combining their resources, Omya and Gordes, will therefore be able to offer cutting edge products to their combined and ever growing client base.javascript:if(Callout Manager && Callout Manager.close All) Callout Manager.close All(); common Show Modal Dialog('' '/_layouts/15/itemexpiration.aspx' '?

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