Interraical dating facts

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what happen to the notion of unity and togetherness? i mean its always good to have a variety, not just only interracial couples... again i am waiting for someone to prove me wrong on this.

You may call me a hypocrit but my bf is white and we been dating since we were 14 but we never make such a big deal out of our relationship as most interracial couples do, its almost like there trying to make some sort of statment... but MOST dedication videoes on youtube are of interracial couples ONLY. I want someone to prove me wrong on this cause all i been seeing is otherwise. Send me your input on this..tell me what you think about thisits ignorant of YOU to make such a statment without having facts to back it up.

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search_que..funny how there always be those ingorant people who will try to make up excuses for the situation to justify the REAL ISSUE. Like Shakespeare said, this is all much ado about nothing...since you started it, I'll finish it!

My white bf even made a comment on this that he hardly sees anyone of the black race together anymore and when a whtie person notices that then that means there is something wrong.. I typed in "black couples on youtube and only found 2 legitment videos rest have nothing to do with black couples"

I see TONS of dedication videos with white only couples.. search_query=black couples&search_type=&aq=f I typed in interracial... its ignorant of YOU to make such a statment without having facts to back it up.

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