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If you study individual English words in isolation, this is what happens: When you need to speak, you have to think a lot in order to combine the individual words in the right order, using the right grammar, and in a way that makes sense. If you focus on learning phrases instead, then you will have ready answers and responses for any situation – no need to over-think.

Focusing on phrases will help you speak English in complete sentences more naturally.

Sadly the admirable qualities you mention do not equip one to deal with the internet jungle of chancers.

Discussing today’s show, needn’t worry about the price.

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Same thing if you are being hassled or griefed: simply teleport away.

If, for some reason, you can’t teleport (such as you’re getting an error message because the area is busy or teleports are down) then log out and log back in at your Home location, or any other location (see #9, below, for how to do that).

Basin-forming impacts are within the range of the carbon.

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