Aramex tracking updating shipment status

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I don’t think any sane person would order anything of value from SAPO as there is a 90% chance that the item will be lost and there is a good 100%-chance that the item will never be delivered on time.

During my recent hobby project I needed Ubiquiti network equipment which was extremely expensive to source locally (about twice the overseas price) and I then discovered that I could use Aramex Global Shopper (AGS) as a freight-forwarding service to get products delivered which typically do not ship to South Africa.

I was then advised to phone AGS Customs/Clearance department to find out why the parcel is “stuck” – to be honest, the AGS call-centre agent should do this for me as this very much reminds me of the SAPO days where one would have to hunt down a parcel for days (or to “convert” that international tracking number to a local tracking number in order to trace a delivery).

While the customer service agent did not sound very helpful and could not be really bothered to assist, if AGS could sort out the processing delays, their service would really attract more customers.

Install After Ship to track all your shipments in one place and give your customers the information they need about their delivery.

Perhaps there is no more detail, but how can I understand why there has been no movement of the delivery for the parcel below, especially since I uploaded the invoice within hours of delivery to AGS: When I phoned AGS South Africa today, it really appears that there is no additional tracking information available as the call-centre agent could not assist further.After you fulfill an order, simply enter the tracking number and select a courier at Woo Commerce, the same info will be displayed at customer’s order history page.After Ship supports over 360 carriers worldwide, you can select couriers by signing up a free After Ship account.I am thinking, why get the opinion of one guy when you can get the opinion of a whole bunch of people?So if you use Aramex and have problems with them please post it below as a comment so they can read it.

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